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Gabion Mesh Machine

Stone cage net machine is also called big hexagon net machine. This gabion mesh machine has a horizontal structure and is used to produce large hexagonal meshes with various mesh widths and various mesh sizes. The raw material can be galvanized iron wire or polyvinyl chloride iron wire, GALFAN iron wire and so on. The gabion mesh machine can provide gabion mesh products for various construction projects. Gabion products are usually used to protect and support roads, railways, airports and residential areas during the drainage process. Retaining walls can be built for coastal protection nets, river bank protection, river weirs, farmland, pasture fences, animal cages, deep sea breeding nets, building wall reinforcement nets and other isolation nets are very promising products.

Basic technical parameters

Mesh size


Maximum width


Wire diameter


Twist number


Motor Power







3 or 5










Remark : Can manufacture customized type.


1. Combining market demands, innovating new products, reducing the investment cost by 50% compared with traditional heavy gabion net machines, and improving production efficiency;

2. The machine adopts horizontal structure, the machine runs more smoothly;

3. The volume is reduced, the occupied area is reduced, the power consumption is greatly reduced, and the production cost is reduced in many ways;

4. The operation is simpler, two people can operate, greatly reducing long-term labor costs;

5. Applicable to various materials such as hot-dip galvanized wire, zinc-aluminum alloy, low-carbon steel wire, electro-galvanized, PVC coated wire;

6. The width can reach 4m, and two 1.5m nets can be produced at the same time to improve the production efficiency. The warp range is 1.0~3.0mm. The thick wire can be woven. The mesh size of the ordinary stone cage mesh is: 60x80, 80x100 , 100x120, 120x140, 120x150


1. gabion mesh machine

2. Winding machine

3. Shrinking machine

4. Tension adjuster

5. Hydraulic baler

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